Irresistibly attracted by the marine world, I settled in Brittany, gateway to the sea. With my little training structure and sea kayaking guide, I tried for 6 years to share my knowledge and my dreams with passion and patience, stay tuned to continue to evolve and to better transmit them.
Coming from the British school (Sea Coach 3 and 5 Stars), my French qualifications (BE 1) did enriched me by the approach of the white water and competition.
The second aspect of my practice is still very playful, I love playing with waves and currents, whether by sea kayak or surf kayak.
My third favorite activity is the discovery and contemplation through sea kayak trips.
My trips can take me to the lights of the north coast (Brittany, Channel Islands, Scotland, Greenland …) or to the colors of the south (Corsica, Sardinia, Elba, Aeolian Islands, Ionian, Cyclades, Croatia …)
With the motto “Happiness is on the water,” the pleasure of following the water in his movements, to dilute in the marine or coastal nature is every time more intense and resourceful … and I love sharing it.