Jim Krawiecki started paddling in any old kayak that he could muster during his school holidays. Having endured the pleasures and pain of a musical career he returned to kayaking for further enrichment. Since then he has paddled and swum many of the exciting white water rivers of England, Scotland and Wales, as well as many of those in the French Alps.

Jim’s passion for sea kayaking inspired him to write the popular guidebook ‘Welsh Sea Kayaking’ (Pesda Press 2006) and the subsequent sea kayaking guidebook ‘Northern England & the Isle of Man’(Pesda Press 2011).

More recently Jim’s attention has moved to the icy and mountainous coast of east Greenland and its associations with the British Arctic explorer ‘Gino Watkins’. Having returned to Greenland with other expeditions during 2013, 2014 and 2015 Jim has further plans to return again in 2018.