My dad bought me my first kayak in 1969 and I launched it at St Brelades Bay, Jersey, which is only a mile from where I now live and paddle. During the 47 intervening years I have spent many happy hours exploring the coastline of Jersey, whilst venting further afield on a regular basis. I have spent over 40 weeks kayaking north of the Arctic Circle whilst fitting in trips to the Mediterranean, Baja, south east Asia, Canada, France and Scotland, amongst other destinations.
Although I enjoy paddling in some of the remotest regions of the world I have a maintained a passion for kayaking in my local waters, on a weekly basis. Whilst enjoying my personal paddling I have been involved in coaching for nearly 40 years and have been fortunate enough to be able to share my love for kayaking with numerous people in a number of countries throughout the world.
As a recently retired head teacher I look forward to taking advantage of many more kayaking opportunities.