The new BCU System reaches 5 stars for paddlers and 4 stars for coaches).
The paddler award classifies any paddler within the progression scheme.
The coach award allows to teach paddlers of lower level in countries were the BCU system is recognized.
For those who wish to know their level or to start to lead groups we offer the possibility of passing the BCU 3 examination, take the BCU 4 course or do the BCU 4 examination

What do you need to participate?

BCU 3 Examination:

*  Knowledge according the annexed document.

BCU 4 Course:

*   The BCU 3 award and knowledge according the annexed document.

BCU 4 Examination:

*  Official BCU 4 training not older than 3 years different from this Symposium Pagaia 2017.

*  Take the BCU 4 course during the Simposium Pagaia 2017

 * Having achieved or achieving during the Simposium Pagaia 2017 the Coastal Navigation Certificate and Tidal Planning.

*  Having a recognized First Aid Certificate of more than 2 days and not older than 3 years.

 * Previous experience: provide documented evidence of 24 sea trips (minimum 4 hours duration). During at least 5 of these trips the candidate must assume an assistant leader role. The extensive range of sea kayaks journeys should include a variety of coastlines, sea states, periods of limited visibility and darkness, tidal waters up to 3 knots, wind up to and including Beaufort Force 5, crossings not exceeding 2 nautical miles, and camping from a kayak. • Having paid the BCU Examination Fees and having the LR document signed by BCU at the time of the examination.

That is?

BCU 3: : April 11th until April 12th, 1 day practising, knowledge review and 1 day of examination .

BCU 4 Training: April 11th until April 13th, 3 working days in which your skills will be tested as well as your ability to lead groups. Includes the training on Coastal Navigation and Tide Planning.

BCU 4 Examination:  April 13th until April 14th.

Who are the instructors?

Instructors from BCU will teach and evaluate the candidates. Minimum conditions: A group of 8 participants is the minimum required for each category


Prices do not include BCU 3, BCU 4 and Coastal Navigation Certification taxes. When certification is obtained taxes should be payed to the Symposium organization.