My name is Véronique, I am nearly 60 years old and I live in Bretagne with Guy, my companion.
The practice of sea kayaking inspires me the following words: hobby, nature, sliding, islands, breathing, meetings, landscapes, birds, bivac, exploration, slowness…
We started together sea kayaking at Morbihan in 1993, afterwards in the Youth hostel at Plaimpol where we were excited about teaching without spirit of competition, autonomy based, and taking responsibility and solidarity.
We are involved in several associations ( CK/mer, TGKM, clubs,..) which are the occasion for a lot of meetings.
In 2012, Guy and I made a sea kayak guide of Bretagne which is now been reprinted and we just finished another guide about the coast of Nantes till the island of Oléron (which will continue till the spanish border with a co-author). This deep discovery of different landscapes anchored in a history different from Bretagne has provided a lot of meetings.
In parallel with the trips in Bretagne, I soaked the paddle in Norway, Sicily, Ireland, Croatia, Scotland, Alaska, Corsica with different conditions: as a member of a group, often with Guy and sometimes as a lovers.
I managed in English and Spanish.
My interests as a kayaker: sea kayak trips, pedagogies, Greenland paddle, writing and sometimes watercolours.