ponente_jean-marc_terrade_2An expert in coasts and coastal management, nature guide, specialist in nature and outdoor sports education and particularly in water sports. About twenty years ago I exchanged the depths of the sea for its surface thanks to sea kayaking. Sea kayaking is an all-engulfing passion of mine and one which has motivated me to do volunteer works and to obtain a state certified diploma in this specialty. I am a supervisor, trainer, kayak maker, initiator of the process of the development of the sea kayak in France, for me, this passion is made up of a taste for sporting encounters, of exchange, of sharing.
I go on excursions in Brittany throughout the year, but also in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Greenland – countries which, because of, or thanks to, their geographical locations and their histories, have maintained a strong culture of, and sensibility to, the natural environment.
White water kayaking (in open canoe) and rodeo, ocean waves in surf kayaks, wild water, marine currents (over falls) in sea kayak; but also bivouac, wildlife watching maritime heritage. A multitude of complementary practices to go ever further.
My ever present leitmotiv is “learn and transmit”
“A frequent encounter with the nature that surrounds us, OUTDOOR LIFE, contact with the elements (earth, water, air, fire); direct discovery, without screens or media, the living thing, flora and fauna in all its richness and complexity, as well as the emotions; sensitivity, awareness and the knowledge and attitudes that such encounters arouse, all seem to us to be more indispensable than ever for the blossoming of a human being.”